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From my experience and in my opinion, BrandYourself.com had promise, but is a giant scam now.

BrandYourself.com USED to work at suppressing negative reviews for my online reputation management consulting business and my clients, until BrandYourself decided to destroy their platform with this "$10 month" upgrade thing.The $10 fee lets you put up unlimited backlinks, but if Pete Kistler and his team had ANY intelligence at all with SEO, and were not fresh out of college with no experience, they would know that Google doesn't like more than 6 backlinks per domain.

So, BrandYourself.com wanted to make more money, they created this $10/month upgrade, and in turn, it ruined the page-rank (how high websites rank on search results) of every user on BrandYourself and whatever websites they were trying to promote because of the spam the $10/month users are creating.

So, BrandYourself profiles are now on page 2 and 3 rather than 1, making it useless, and because BrandYourself is marked as spam by Google now, it now hurts the websites you are trying to promote. So, all of my client's websites are now associated with spam and it's a nightmare to fix.

The whole company is a scam. The workers are all college kids who don't know SEO at all. They just had a pretty website that was marketed well.

They advertise how much better they are than Reputation.com, yet they charge much, much more for professional services.

And Pete Kistler claims that BrandYourself is the "1st do-it-yourself platform for online reputation management".

Umm, not true.LinkAlohaV3, Senuke, BacklinkGenie.com and SearchManipulator.com all came first, and are all much more effective.

Monetary Loss: $152340.

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Thank you so much.What do you suggest?

What works? I almost went with them today until this kid got snippy on the phone.

You can tell they just want money.Please email me suggestions at gertievanhorn@yahoo.com

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